# Why Gay Men Were Given Their Right for Marriage

When the law passed that lesbians and gays could be given a marriage certificate it caused chaos throughout the United States because of the controversy on the subject. Although there are millions of individuals who support the right of gay marriage, there are millions more who feel much differently about the subject. Although the negativity and threats have calmed down slightly since the law passed, in some areas there are some who still continue to fight the fact that equal rights were given to all Americans to marry who they please.

The question that comes to mind for those disagreeing on the matter is why lesbians and gays were given these rights. The answer for this is very simple. Freedom. The one thing many Americans tend to forget, is that our country is the land of the free. What this means is that we all have the right to choose who we want to be, what we want to wear, where we want to live and most importantly, who we want to marry. The question that gays ask is why they are supposed to be treated differently just because of their sexual preference? Whether a woman likes another woman, or a man loves another man, it does not take away their right for freedom.

By passing an equal rights law for gays to get married, it brings back the old American way of equality and being free. That is what our country is all about right? Now instead of gays feeling banished from the country for their sexual preference, they are now welcomed back into society with open arms and generosity. It may have take years for this law to come to life, but now that it has, it gives everyone who has been waiting years on end the right to marry the love of their life, whether it be man or woman.

BBC video of President Obama's speech on same sex marriage in USA: