Finding The Perfect Wig

As a transvestite it is very clear that one of the most excruciating decisions that you have to make throughout your day is finding the most suitable wig for your makeup and attire. The reasoning behind the toughness of this decisions is the wide range of wigs that are available on the market. There are thousands of different colors, sizes and styles of wigs that will leave you speechless and confused on what item will be the best fit for you. Below are some great tips to help find the most suitable wig.

Finding The Perfect Style

As most transvestites have strong masculine features, it is critical to find a wig that will hide the most prominent features like your cheek bone. A perfect wig to help you disguise your masculinity are the forward styled wigs. The front hair on the wig flips in a way that perfectly glides along your chin line, covering every inch of your jaw line. There are even wigs that will help change of your face from square, to a beautiful oval shape.


The color of the wig you choose should depend on what it is you need the wig for. For those of you who enjoy burlesque dancing or drag shows, your best bet would be to purchase bright colors such as lime green, neon yellow, bright purple, hot pink, ocean blue or orange. For the lovely burlesque dancers, you will want to go for more of a sexy look with colors like black, red, auburn and dirty blonde. The key to finding the perfect color is to experiment. Even if you are weary of a new color on the market, try it on with some funky outfits you may have in your closet and see how the color benefits specific clothing.

Video showing different styles of wigs for cross dressers: