Gay Friendly Copenhagen, Denmark

In the year 1998, Denmark became one of the first nations in the world to recognize registered same sex partnerships. The capital of Denmark is a beautiful town called Copenhagen that is home to one of Europes first gay bars, the Centraljhornet. The bar was created in the 1950's along with the amazing district of Vesterbro. Vesterbro is one of Copenhagen's largest red light districs. With a high amount of respect for gays and a very edgy fashion scene, Copenhagen, Denmark is one of the most gay-friendly travel destinations in the world.

Where to Stay in Copenhagen

Below is a list of excellent priced hotels that offers guests great amenities that will have everyone feeling right at home. As the price range does vary slightly between hotels, be sure to check out all packages and deals to see which hotel is the most suitable for you. While doing your research, be sure to also check out the exact location of the hotel as some are within walking distace to the red light district and gay bars.

Ocean Hotel and Konference
Bertrams Guldsmenden
Adina Apartment Hotels
Avenue Hotel
Somandhjemmet Boutique Hotel
Crown Plaza Copenhagen Towers
Absalon Hotel
Nimb Hotel
Hotel D' Angleterre

Best Gay Bars in Town

1. Bearserk Bar:
The newest bar in Copenhagen that welcomes bears and friends.

2. Centraljhornet:
Copenhagens first ever gay bar. Extremely popular for all ages.

3. Cosy Bar:
Gay bar with a smaller dance floor. Guests are mainly 20-30 years of age.

4. G*A*Y Copenhagen:
Gay bar with mixed clientele.

5. Jailhouse CPH:
A bear friendly bar with friendly jail house style.

6. Kiss Kiss:
A popular night club for gays and lesbians.

7. Masken Bar:
One of the oldest gay bars in Copenhagen.

8. Mes's Bar:
Small gay bar that tends to mainly serve regular customers.

9. Never Mind Bar:
Gay bar in the center of Copenhagen.

10. Oscar:
Gay and lesbian cafe/bar that is popular for all ages 21+.