Tips to Bringing Out Your Feminine Side

For all the men who have just recently come out or are planning to, there is away to do it without causing a scene that could potentially set you back from your dreams of becoming yourself. Below is a descriptive, helpful list that will teach you different ways to slowly introduce your true colors. By coming off to abrupt you will either lose or make friends sadly enough. By slowly changing your style and easing into different routines, you are allowing your family and friends to become adjusted to who you are as a person in a slow, reasonable manner. Although there are many who can come directly out and tell their family, there are others who remain scared. These tips are for those of you out there who still have some fear in telling the ones you love that you are gay.

Time to Change Your Wardrobe!

Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe and walking into your kitchen one morning wearing a hot pink shirt and tight jeans that you supposedly never where, start in a slower manner. The best way to achieve this is to slowly change out the clothes in your closet. When you buy a new outfit be sure that there is not to much spunk in it at first. Some great clothing to wear that will give you more of a feminine look is pink button ups, tighter than normal sweat pants, tight jeans and even a pair of women's running shoes/sandals. Although these clothing items are clearly women's, they are not enough to send your parents heads spinning (just yet).

Just a Little More Makeup

As we all know, makeup has become a woman's best friend. If your are to impatient to start wearing your makeup out in public, start by using just a little at a time. First start off with just a light coat of eye liner and maybe a few brushes of mascara. If you are feeling super brave, try adding in a really light lip liner to puff up your lips a little bit. Alternatively search for an experienced local makeup artist who can help transform your appearance.

Video displaying a slideshow of men dress in ladies lingerie: